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Sandqvist Playlists

We asked you what kind of content that you would like to see during this challenging times to brighten up your day - and you asked us to keep you inspired!

As many of us are staying in right now, a way to protect what we care for the most, inspiring and uplifting music is key for us! We have gathered music from co-workers in our five key cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Berlin and Paris.

Let’s stay connected, inspire each other and look ahead!

''When the world is upside down I find comfort in my main music list - news and old hits all piled up in my headphones!'' Listen to Malins playlist here.

''I am addicted to making new playlists fo each occasion - this is an hommage to my hometown Gothenburg.'' Listen to Christoffers playlist here.

''This is my tribute to some lesser known musical gems from the UK. Perfect accompaniment to a bit of ironing.'' Listen to Adams playlist here.

''These hits makes my world go around at the moment when staying at home and looking for new projects in my flat.'' Listen to Charles's playlist here.

''My playlist is all about boosting my mood when feeling down, I’m proud of my (not that guilty) guilty pleasures!'' Listen to Ellas playlist here.