We reached out Berlins latest nightlife addition, Unkompress. A listening bar in Kreuzberg with a design and natural wine selection as good as it's speaker setup. Unkompress's founder Kevin showed us around some of his favourite book shops, patisseries and of course record shops. For the full list of recommendations visit our journal.

Taqueria El Oso (Prenzlauer Berg) - One of the few authentic Mexican spots in the city serving up Mexico City style tacos.

Canal (Mitte) - Eclairs worth making the trip to Mitte for.

Pro QM (Mitte) - Unassuming bookstore in a quaint multi-level space with plenty of magazines covering a variety of topics from architecture and art to pop and economic criticism.

Babylon Cinema (Mitte) - East Berlin cinema showing black & white and classic films with a live orchestra.

Volksbruhne (Mitte) - East Berlin’s performing arts theater showing progressive shows from different practices.

Luiban (Mitte) - Boutique shop for all things paper with a designer's touch.

Sound Metaphors (Kreuzberg) - Prominent record shop with a variety of genres aimed at Dj; also makes custom hifi speakers to music focused clients.

Albatross (Kreuzberg) - Neighborhood staple for bread and coffee.

Fichtebunker (Kreuzberg) - Underground bunkers from WWII; massive structure in the middle of Kreuzberg now used for tours and living quarters.

Unkompress (Kreuzberg) - Music driven social space and listening bar uniting coffee and natural wine in a space for community, sound, and timeless vinyl records; opens for the afternoon and evening.


Click & Surr (Mitte) - Lovely analog camera store with hard to find pieces.

Magic John’s Pizza (Mitte) - Proper New York style pizza in Berlin.

SammyS Berliner Donuts (Mitte) - Modest donut shop with an awesome selection of classic and creative treats.

Rhinoceros (Prenzlauer Berg) - Japanese inspired 'Jazz Kissa’ bar with a fireplace and lovely drinks menu; plays lovely Jazz music on vinyl on a vintage sound system.

Material (Prenzlauer Berg) - New specialty coffee & natural wine shop and bar focused on bread making and community building.

Lefter Records (Kreuzberg) - Fantastic record shop for world music.

Yoga Futura (Neukoln) - Beautiful yoga studio with massive windows and a private garden; mindfulness and community at the core.

Nomu Sake Bar (Charlottenburg) - Upscale Japanese Sake bar and restaurant; as authentic as they come from the design and materials to the food and flavors.


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