Climbing at Muomo Studio in Stockholm

The turning of the calendar often brings a wave of resolutions, with a commitment to fitness being one of the most common. In search of alternatives to the conventional gym routine, we ventured into the world of bouldering at Moumo Studio in Stockholm, an inclusive space for yoga, climbing, and breathwork. Catching up with some of their climbers—Livia, Tova, Bea and Viann—we discovered that the invigorating world of climbing offers more than just a great workout. In fact, it's a holistic approach to achieving physical and mental well-being—a refreshing and inspiring approach to fitness that we will carry into 2024.


” Climbing is a fun way to work out and a very accessible sport. This might sound very cliché, but for me, it’s a lifestyle. I’m deeply invested in this sport, both professionally and in my personal life. I started setting at Moumo a little over a year ago, and it’s been incredibly rewarding. I’m grateful that Moumo is committed to diversifying the route setting profession by hiring more female setters, as the scene is currently dominated by men."


” I started climbing 4 years ago. At first, the main reason I got hooked on climbing was the community. Today, I love climbing because it is fun and makes me feel good. Climbing helps me to develop and assists me in solving difficult problems, while I spend time with friends. Climbing has given me so much: big biceps, mental health, and a thirst for adventure.”


"For me, climbing is the joy of movement in its purest form! And there are endless possibilities for climbing: outdoors, indoors, sport, trad, bouldering, big wall – so you never risk getting tired of it. Personally, I've always had a soft spot for big mountains. If you've just started climbing, I think you should focus on the joy of climbing, and the rest will follow naturally."


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